Biography / Robosexi

The duo robosexi comes from the short forms of the first names ro-xi and Se-bo. Both artists graduated at Fine Academy in Lodz. In their artistic works they use wide range of artistic forms including performance, installations, video, site-specific. The exhibitions of the works took place in Manhattan Art Gallery in Lodz , the City Art Gallery in Lodz, during Four Cultures Festival in Lodz and during Festival of Experiment in Zbaszyn. They were engaged in the pilotage program of revitalisation for City of Lodz. Roksana Kularska – Król – despite of painting she is engaged with doing illustrations and painting. As an individual artist she well known from her successfully collection of paintings called “The Queens of Night” which has been presented in auctions of Modern Art. Sebastian Kularski – artist and educationalist. As an individual artist creates in experimental painting stream. His works are characterized by thoughts, chaos and surrealistic landscape as a base.

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