The artists of the third class of FRESH A.I.R. have been living and working above the URBAN NATION museum since October 01, 2019. All scholars are currently working hard on the final presentation of their projects in March. This is exactly where we and the artists need your support!

Anastasia from Latvia and Bojan from Bosnia Herzegovina are two of a total of 13 artists of the third Fresh A.I.R. class. Both are currently looking for people to help them realize their project for the final presentation of the residence program.

If you want to support the two artists with their projects, you can contact them directly. The contact details can be found under the project description.



For her “Collectables” project Anastasia is looking for people who collect and archive objects or other things: This can be a jewelry collection, porcelain, toys etc. She would like to take photos of the collection and record the story of the objects in an interview with the collector. If you want to support Anastasia with her project, you can contact her via:

Whatsapp: +447459746332

Instagram: starikovanastasia



For his video project “Die Deutsche Turnkunst”, Bojan is looking for people or clubs who can be filmed while doing sports (yoga, slacklining, riding, swimming, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc.). With his work he wants to investigate the integrative and communicative function of sport.

As a thank you, supporters will get an original sketch from the artist.

If you would like to support Bojan in his project, you can contact him directly via:

Facebook: bojan.stojcic.7

Instagram: studiobojanstojcic


Whatsapp:  +49 176 323 155 05