Im Studio mit 3F

3F (3Fountains)

Based in:
UK (North East)

Then – Now – Next:
Started out painting on the streets of the North East around Teesside. Have taken part in UtsirArt: Streetart Without Streets“ in Norway. Upcoming group exhibition include „WAT-AAH: Taking Back The Streets“ in NYC and possibly some more around Europe which are in preliminary talks.

Hoping to get back to painting on the streets as it is what I love. Being invited to events is great but nothing beats the thrill of painting illegally in the dead of the night.

Why stencil:
It speeds up the process and means you have less chance of getting caught.

Dream project:
To go around painting in derelict places within nature around Europe (much like DOLK and POBEL have done in the past)

If it is a single layer stencil then I just draw it out on 270gsm card and cut the stencil from it. If it is a multi-layered stencil then I draw it out first on A3 paper, scan it in on computer and the edit the layers in Photoshop. Finally I print them out and cut the stencil.

Pop or Punk:
Punk. Commercial music is not my thing.

Legal vs illegal:
Illegal- Nothing beats the buzz of breaking the law.

Outside or inside?

I hate doing canvases and originals but sadly you have to raise money for paints and materials. Streetart isn’t cheap.