Based in:
Currently based here in Detroit since 2 months for my Remix solo exhibition. I’m based in both London and Berlin.
Past – Present – Future.

Behind me and learned more from my mistakes than my successes.

In front of me and experimenting, challenging and opening up new avenues and techniques.

Around the corner and lots of abstract shapes, colours and world travels.

Why stencil:
Because when I make a stencil it’s politically, or socially charged and this is very important for me in my street works. To address or highlight an issue and have people also being able to resonate with this imagery. I really enjoy the layering of multi-coloured stencils and the process it takes. Usually 2 days of designing it, 3 days of cutting it and 6-7 minutes of stenciling it in the street.

Dream project:
I have this concept for a dynamic ‚installation‘ on the Moon. No joke!
That as well as doing a world tour in a Hot air balloon shaped as a large arrow. Stopping off in different countries, painting, exploring, then up up away to the next destination.

a lot of brainstorming, a little bit of talent, and never enough time!

Pop or Punk:
James Brown.

Legal vs illegal:
Depends how much time I have or what I want to do. If I can do it with permission, cool, if not then I’ll just do it illegally without permission.

Outside or inside:
Both as each has it’s different feelings, rush, and challenges.

Thank you.

Above – Detroit, November 2014

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