Komische Oper Berlin at URBAN NATION Museum

Friday 11.01.2019

The Komische Oper Berlin is coming to Schöneberg with its “opera dolmuş” and invites you to an opera program at the URBAN NATION Museum for Urban Contemporary Art.

Selam Opera!
In zwei Heimaten zuhause
Friday, 11 January 2019, 16:00-16:45
Bülowstrasse 7, Berlin

The 45-minute program “In zwei Heimaten zuhause” presents arias and duets from 500 years of opera history, which tell of what it means to seek happiness in the distance, to leave the familiar and finally to find a home in the world not only in one but in several places. The opera and operetta repertoire in German, Russian, Italian and French is seamlessly linked with folk songs from Turkey and Croatia.

Admission is free!


More about “Selam Opera!”:

In 2011, the Komische Oper Berlin launched the intercultural project “Selam Opera!”. “Selam Opera!” takes literally the Komische Oper Berlin’s self-definition as an opera house for everyone, and seeks to create occasions for encounters between the city’s inhabitants and the opera.  The intention is to strengthen the links between the opera house and the people of Berlin in the long term and thus contribute to a better culture of peaceful co-existence.

To the Komische Oper Berlin, “open to the city” doesn’t just mean opening wide the gates to the opera house, its music and its truly special artform for each and every person regardless of their cultural, social or financial background – it also means crossing our own threshold and going out into the city, including through projects such as the “opera dolmuş”.

Since the 2012/13 season, the “opera dolmuş” (the name is a play on the description for the group taxis typical of Turkey) minibus has been taking singers and musicians from the Komische Oper Berlin on regular visits to institutes in city districts with a high percentage of residents from all manner of cultural backgrounds, in order to locally present a condensed, acting- and music-based journey through 500 years of operatic history.