URBAN NATION is proud to be part of the first european edition of the Lollapalooza-Festival in Berlin with an extraordinary “Art Cube“. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX reads the claim of this walk-in cube, which was created by URBAN NATION under the new series ALL NATIONS UNDER ONE ROOF. By using their very own interpretation of freedom, seven of the world’s most prominent street artists will transform the cube into a colorful installation of creativity within one week.

26 feet high, 26 feet wide and in the middle of the festival area: The cube is visible from across the old air field. It combines music and Urban Contemporary Art in an unique and fascinating way. It includes an unexpected art installation in the inside of the cube waiting to be explored.

These artists think OUTSIDE THE BOX:

James Bullough (Berlin)
Telmo Miel (Amsterdam)
Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico)
Case Maclaim (Frankfurt)
Tankpetrol (Manchester)
Li-Hill (New York)
Vexta (Australia)

The entire project is curated by Yasha Young, the director of URBAN NATION: „With Lollaplooza we stay true to our core idea to get artists from all over the world together and work across different genres. We are very happy, to bring our vision to the festival. And we’re very excited to see how the festival is going to react to the creative power.“

Lollapalooza Festival:
12. & 13. September 2015
Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin

More informations about the “Art Cube“: https://www.facebook.com/urbannationberlin

We hope to see you there!