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Saturday war truly monumental: The URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART opened. This was celebrated in real style not only in the museum building, but also in the surround streets. For all those who couldn’t make it, but also for those who could but don’t remember anymore, we present: The most important facts and figures from the grand opening of the museum and the art-mile.


Four year of planning behind the URBAN NATION MUSEUM. The architecture company GRAFT worked together with URBAN NATION to renovate the historic building in Schöneberg into a unique, modern museum. Dynamic façade panels, a tarmac floor and a gallery walkway through the two-story interior make the building itself a work of art.


Three speakers gave speeches at the opening of the museum: Prof. Monika Grütters, state minister for culture and media, and Michael Müller, the governing mayor, displayed their enthusiasm for the enrichment of Berlin’s cultural landscape. Yasha Young, the third speaker, and artistic director of the museum, emphasized the museum’s aims to tell and preserve the history of urban, contemporary art.

What’s more, there were also three wall-climbers, who revealed a piece of artwork painted by the French street art legend ‘Invader’ on the gable of the museum building. Immediate after, the world famous breakdancing group ‘Flying Steps‘ danced under the arches of the underground.


In the museum building, there are 150 pieces, by artists such as Shepard Fairey and The London Police, on display.


The 150 pieces of art were chosen by 10 curators: Andrew Hosner, Charlotte Dutoit, Steven P. Harrington & Jaime Rojo, Rom Levy, Jonathan Levine, Marina Bortoluzzi & Marcelo Pimentel,  Roland Henry, Dean Stockton und Yasha Young. Under the leadership of the artistic director of the museum, Yasha Young, an exhibition was put together which combines the various styles, techniques and developments of the scene.


The area surrounding the museum transformed into an open-air gallery: 50 spots, in which installations, murals and performance art could be admired and experienced, were part of the grand opening’s festivities.

Open-air yoga, skate ramps, graffiti workshops: Art enthusiasts, local residents and anyone else who wanted to join in with the celebrations could amuse themselves at the art-mile, a street festival, which was organised with the support of Gewobag.


In total, 13,000 people wanted to experience the spectacle of the art-mile along Bülowstraße and 7,000 wanted to see the museum for themselves.

For more facts and figures – and not just concerning the grand opening – please see our press section.

photos by Nika Kramer