Live at the museum & Community Wall by Pilpeled

The Israeli artist Pilpeled visited the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART and left behind two new works of art. In the context of the event series “Live at the Museum” he shows in his very own graphic style a modern interpretation of two Da Vinci works and for the project “Community Wall” he also created a very impressive piece, which pays homage to the female beauty and grace.


In the event series called Live at the Museum, visitors to the museum have the chance to watch artists at work live and up close. New art is created right in front of the eyes of the museum guests. Now the Israeli artist Pilpeled has created a very large and equally impressive work. Together with Yasha Young, he developed a modern interpretation of two famous works by Leonardo da Vinci, “Lady with the Ermine” and “La Belle Ferronière”.

“This is a very interesting work. It is a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci, who takes up two of his works in which he shows strong women. The two original paintings have a mysterious history. There is no real truth behind it, but rather different ideas about the history of the creation and the background of the women depicted. The first cool idea was to bring Da Vinci back to the museum in a different way, on the wall, as street art. Women today are more modern. I have added some jewellery and tattoos to them. They look more modern and happier. In the original picture they look very serious without a smile. Now they radiate pride and happiness. I have added a crown to one of them. Both together stand for feminine strength, very strong, very proud.” (Pilpeled about his work for Live at the Museum)

Pilpeled’s trademark is the graphic work in black and white, a combination of illustration, graffiti and graphics with a sincere sharpness.


During his stay in Berlin, Pilpeled not only created a new work of art in the museum, but also a new community wall near the museum. In the Production Office at Bülowstrasse 97, Pilpeled shows a slightly smaller format of a no less impressive artwork, which again thematizes female beauty, grace, elegance, and strength.

Photos: Nika Kramer

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