New Community Walls by Fin DAC

Berlin’s Bülowstrasse is a real magnet for many urban artists. Now an old friend and companion of the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART found two free walls for two new, impressive works of art: Fin DAC.

The artist Fin DAC, who comes from Cork (Ireland), is known for his delicate and soft spray paint style, which defies the “laws” of street art in many respects. In his very atypical painting and stencil style he has now created two new Community Walls for URBAN NATION, which not only stand out for their unique technique and brilliance, but also depict two strong women who are completely in harmony with themselves and nature. The designs for both works were created in close collaboration with museum director Yasha Young. Like all of his works, these new works are created solely for the viewer. Fin DAC leaves the interpretation of his works to each of them, deliberately not revealing what they represent.

The very floral, colourful work can be found on the wall of the house at Bülowstrasse 94. A few houses away, in front of Bülowstrasse 97, Fin DAC created another Community Wall during his stay in Berlin as part of the current Project M/14 – Gaia Reborn: A Future Utopia.

Photos: Nika Kramer

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