Community Wall by Vegan Flava

The Swedish artist Vegan Flava was in Berlin in May and left a wonderful new Community Wall at Berlin’s Frobenstrasse for the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART. Not far from the museum, visitors will now discover another highlight in the street and urban art-influenced neighborhood, which is quite thought-provoking.

Vegan Flava is a Swedish street art artist from Stockholm who is known for his very mystical style. In his works he takes a critical look at current socio-political problems. His new artwork also shows the consequences of what we do today for the future and the transience of natural resources. A motif that runs through Vegan Flava’s work. He deals with how culture, norms and identity influence the environment, animals and our self. He wants to sharpen the awareness for the here and now and show with his works that what we do today has effects on a future that we have to face.

Photos: Nika Kramer