• by Team Urban Nation

Can birds actually see colours? This question came up during the workshop with the artist Polina Soloveichik. While designing special bird feed houses together with many interested children, it was not only about teaching different artistic techniques, but also about all sorts of questions about our native birds, the right food and their overwintering. Wolfgang Steffenhagen from NABU Berlin had all the answers to these questions.

The afternoon of the 4th of December was really exciting for all participants. We invited children and their parents, grandparents, cousins and siblings to Berlin’s Bülowstraße, not only to get creative, but also to learn more about our native birds and their living conditions in wintery Berlin and elsewhere. Together with the artist Polina Soloveichik, the bird feed houses in the style of the Case Study Houses, which were specially made for the workshop, were designed.

Polina Soloveichik is an artist and muralist living in Berlin. Her works can be seen on large and small walls all over the world. The artist is especially known for her murals for children. For our workshop Polina brought stencils with her and showed the children how to use them and what effect can be achieved with the so-called stencil technique. Even the same motifs appear very different depending on their placement and colour scheme. The clever kids noticed this very quickly. Their creations show how versatile the stencil technique is and how easy it is to create real works of art with it.Speaking of colour design: an exciting question came up during the busy process of designing the bird feeder houses. “Can birds actually see colors?” Wolfgang Steffenhagen from the Naturschutzbund (NABU) helped with all questions regarding the diverse bird and wild life. He not only sensitized the children for our native birds, the right feeding in winter and the exciting aspects of birdwatching, but was also available to answer all other questions. Thanks to him we now know that birds see the world even more colorful than we do. This exciting fact motivated the participating children and their companions even more to make their birdfeeder houses especially beautiful, so that the birds feel comfortable there and like to come over to the families’ balconies at home to eat and drink.All children were able to take their creations and the right food home with them to start feeding and bird watching right away. We wish you all lots of fun and are already looking forward to the next workshop!