ONE WALL by Emily Eldridge

Berlin has become a little more colourful again in the last few days: The American artist Emily Eldridge, who lives in Berlin, created a new ONE WALL and enriches the neighborhood around Kastanienplatz in Kreuzberg with lots of color and a motif that touches hearts and gives courage.

The week during which Emily Eldridge worked on the large scale mural was turbulent. The Corona pandemic is dominating the newspapers and the minds of everyone. There are many restrictions and guidelines to contain the spread of the virus. There are huge concerns among the people. Nevertheless, Emily decided to realize the work even under these circumstances and the URBAN NATION team did everything possible to create safe conditions for the artist to realize a project of which the message and radiance is so important these days: close ties in a culturally diverse neighborhood, solidarity and friendship.

“The Thread That Ties Us Together”

“In the neighborhood of Kreuzberg, a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures may sometimes make it seem that we are perhaps more different than we are alike. So what ties us together? As a non-native Berliner, this project resonated with my own experience in the city. What do I represent here? What role to I have to play? How can I contribute to a city that’s still new to me, and so culturally different to the way I grew up? Thinking about this mural, I realized the thing that we all share is Berlin itself. It’s the city, the neighborhood, and our home that ties us together. We may all come from many places around the world, but all of us that live here make the city what it is. This is the “thread” that unites us, and this is something to celebrate!”
Emily Eldridge

Eldridge’s work includes a wide range of media, from murals and street art to editorial illustrations, graphic design and much more. Inspired by fashion, pop culture and everyday life, she creates striking and visually bold images with witty and humorous elements. Her work catches the eye and reaches the heart. The eight protagonists of Eldridge’s new mural could hardly be more different. As diverse as the city in which they live, they are united by a common thread despite all their differences; a close, unifying link: they all share a common home. An elected home or hometown that shapes them culturally and socially. A place where they have friends and family. A place where they all live in their own individual way.

“I am very happy that we were able to get Emily Eldridge on board for this project. Her work can be seen all over the world and yet she is always engaged with her surroundings. Emily has a very unique sense for people and their living environment. At the same time, she always focuses on strong female figures in her work and creates great role models. Her characters break with the classic attributions between the sexes. On the contrary, her playful and cool characters show a contemporary image of women and act as harbingers of a future society in which equal rights have become a social consensus. Furthermore, it was important for us to create a mural together with the artist that reflects the character of the neighbourhood, which is characterised by diversity. The new ONE WALL reflects exactly that. I am very happy about the result.”
Jan Sauerwald, Director of the URBAN NATION museum

The new ONE WALL by Emily Eldridge is located at Wassertorstrasse 63/64, Berlin-Kreuzberg.
The ONE WALL was curated by Jan Sauerwald, Director of the URBAN NATION museum.

Photos: Nika Kramer

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