„Hier & Jetzt“ – a wall by Maja Hürst

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  • by Team Urban Nation

Science, research and urban art – in the new artwork by the Swiss artist Maja Hürst, these three components form a wonderful overall picture that not only convinced a jury in terms of content and aesthetics, but also completely meets the taste of the residents of Amrumer Strasse 16. There, this work of art is located in the community space.

Amrumer Strasse 16 in the Berlin district Wedding, not far from the Beuth University and the Virchow Clinic, is a new Gewobag building, which was designed and realised especially for students. Since March 2019, 15 students are living and studying here in a modern living environment that had only one weak point – this building was missing colour! For this reason, Gewobag, the Foundation Berliner Leben and Jan Sauerwald, director of the URBAN NATION Museum, specifically approached artists of Urban and Street Art and invited them to create a thematic work for an interior space in this building. Together with Lola Stutz, student and resident of the building, who was part of the jury along with Dr. Anne Schmedding from the Foundation Berliner Leben and museum director Jan Sauerwald, the choice fell on the design by the artist Maja Hürst. Her concept was the most convincing. The jury’s decision was unanimous.

„HIER & JETZT“ („HERE & NOW“) – Research and work in the digitalized age

The artist about the idea behind the artwork and its conceptual levels of meaning:

“With my mural I want to focus on the ‘here and now’ and offer the students a view into the future. The here and now between future and past, between animal and machine. Built on the grid of the concrete formwork.  An orangutan with a child and plant sits opposite a human or robot under a platinum cape. They are connected by yellow surfaces, derived in colour from the Amrumer interior doors, which touch on the now falling sand of the hourglass. A networking of untamed wilderness to digitalised technology, intuitive and instinctive being to technological progress. The hourglass as a symbol of the passage of time, the focus on the now falling grain. Hands of nature and digitalization, which span the course of progress in a silver line, a conductor path, over the unpainted circle left in the concrete. The white background as a projection surface of what is currently happening in society and in areas of mobility, medicine, production, agriculture, etc. The blue circle, symbolic of the Acapulco Blue Table, where students exchange their thoughts, reflect on the past and shape the future. In the background in regular sections abstracted plants for nature, which will be before and after us humans.” – Maja Hürst

Maja Hürst is a Swiss graffiti and street art artist, also known as “Tika”. Born in Zurich, she grew up in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Egypt. In 2004 she graduated in Visual Communication at the Zurich University of the Arts in Zurich. Since 2008 she has been working as a street art artist. Maja Hürst mainly creates animal motifs with complex patterns, as you can find in this current work of hers.
Maja Hürst lives and works in Zurich and Berlin.

Photos by Victoria Tomaschko