• by Anne Schmedding

During the Preparations of the exhibition “Talking… And Other Banana Skins” Paradox created this ONE WALL on Bülowstrasse, close to the URABN NATION Museum. It refers to his displayed piece inside the Museum reading the word “FREIHEIT” meaning “freedom” in German.

photo: Nika Kramer
photo: Nika Kramer

In this case he used blue and red spraycans to create his piece. The colours are kind of a distinctive feature of his works.  “Blue is for freedom and it is a colour that makes one feel nice and red is associated with blood and it is a bit more stronger colour for the eye and metaphorically as well. Both are like Yin and Yang.”  The technique of using ropes to vertically paint façades from top to bottom with his hieroglyphic alphabet letterings made him famous. He calls it spiritual letters.


Paradox is a Berlin-based artist and urban writer, who goes to great lengths and heights to paint cryptic messages along walls of high-rises, buildings and subway shafts in cities worldwide. Paradox makes use of public spaces by writing large-format symbols, in distinct blue and red colors. Unique to these larger-than-life pieces are footnotes explaining what the writings mean. The artworks by Paradox are provocations, constantly challenging and questioning our societal observation within urban space.

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