Long Night of Museums 2022 at URBAN NATION was a blast

  • by Jacob Paulsen

On August 27th 2022 from 6pm until past midnight the URBAN NATION Museum took part at Long Nights of Museums. We are happy that over 1000 people showed up and enjoyed the program.

  • Express tours Apropos! in German and English in the exhibition “TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS
  • Abstract Live Performance – Philip Wallisfurth with moss and spray cans
Philip Wallisfurth aka Señor Schnu / photo: Aurelio Schrey
“Size S” by Philip Wallisfurth / photo: Aurelio Schrey


For this special occasion artist Philip Wallisfurth also known as Señor Schnu did a live performance in front of the UN Production Office. Visitors could watch him create an outdoor piece on canvas. The work is titled “Size S”.

Using moss and spray cans, he explores the dialogue between different materials and techniques. Here he addresses the question of sustainability in the field of urban art, as in the first chapter We need to talk of the exhibition TALKING…& OTHER BANANA SKINS.

URBAN NATION invited him back in 2020 to design the then façade of the museum together with Dave The Chimp, Mina, Humble Writerz and Matt Jones.

“Size S” by Philip Wallisfurth / photo: Aurelio Schrey


Meanwhile the “Apropos!” express tours through the museum were available for all vistors. Every 30 minutes tourguides showed and explained the artworks and the concept of “TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS“. Each of the 20-minute-express-tours with focus on selected topics and artworks were held in in German and English.

photos: Aurelio Schrey

Thank you for visiting – special thanks to Philip Wallisfurth, Aurelio Schrey for taking pictures, all tourguides (Norbert Martins, Katja Aksenenka, Emanuele Crotti) and our staff that made this evening a success. We are looking forward to your next visit. See you soon!