Ratsgymnasium students get a whiff of Fresh A.I.R.

  • by Sophia Lux

During their study trip on Thursday, 13 October 2022, students of year 13 at the Ratsgymnasium Osnabrück became part of the artistic research of Viennese performance artist Denise Ackerl. In the performance @danceministerium_berlin, she explored multi-layered questions of political, professional, aesthetic and personal freedom of movement together with the participants. At the same time, she gave insights into her life and the creation of her work as a scholarship holder of the Fresh A.I.R. artists-in-residence programme of the Stiftung Berliner Leben.

Photo: Stiftung Berliner Leben

However, this was only one point in the programme that Janine Arndt, artistic director of Fresh A.I.R., had put together for the Osnabrück high school students: the young adults marvelled at the diversity in artistic creation between street art and urban art in the exhibition TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS in the URBAN NATION Museum and then experienced in a guided neighbourhood tour how urban art inhabits the city space. The group also paid a visit to the librarian of the Martha Cooper Library, which makes the estate of the famous street art photographer accessible for research purposes.

The highlight was a visit to the latest Fresh A.I.R. Scholarship Exhibition “Picturing Democracy”. The exhibition showcases works by 11 international artists that were created during their scholarship residency. For the students, this was an unforgettable day at the pulse of contemporary art.

Text: Toni Walz

About Fresh A.I.R.

Fresh A.I.R. is an artist in residence scholarship program in Berlin, which offers artists and cultural professionals in the field of Urban and New Contemporary Art the time, the space and the resources to devote themselves to an artistic project within the framework of a given thematic complex.

During their stay, the scholarship holders have the opportunity to gain new impetus, to develop their art and to gain important experience for their future careers. Up to 13 scholarship holders will be invited to Berlin for 12 month.