Calligraffiti & Tape Art at URBAN NATION – You can book these workshops and much more!

  • by Geneviève Debien

In early March, the URBAN NATION Museum hosted two workshops from our program with visiting students from Austria. A calligraffiti workshop was led by the artist Dejoe, a tape art workshop by the artist duo Ennicolor.

URBAN NATION Tape Art Workshop | Photo: Aurelio Schrey

After a brief introduction to the different styles and techniques, the artists helped the group create their own artwork – in the technique of calligraffiti with their own fonts, shading or 3D effects, as well as in the technique of tape art, learning how to glue their own tape art image.

Do you feel like creating something unique with an everyday utensil like tape or just calligraphy pens? Or are you just interested in urban art in general? Then this is the workshop for you. Book a spot for your group today and join our workshops for inspiring and creative adventures!

You can find all the details here.