Workshops at URBAN NATION | Bubble-Style with Dejoe & Tape Art with Ennicolor

  • by Geneviève Debien

On April 13, some students from France visited the URBAN NATION Museum, the neighborhood with the Community Walls and One Walls with our guides and participated in two workshops. With Dejoe they were able to create their day in bubble style and try out spraying, with the artist duo Ennicolor they experimented with tape art.

The master letterer Dejoe. The Berlin rap writing legend has been setting standards for 30 years. But he is not only known as a writer – his name suggests it: Dejoe is also a DJ. The graffiti artist has already immortalised himself all over the world, from Brazil to Siberia, with workshops, festivals and exhibitions, among other things.

With him, the participants learned how to draw and shape letters in graffiti and especially in bubble style. This was also to become the template for spraying on T-shirts or bags. In the process, they learned how to achieve what they had in mind when dealing with cans and the caps they had chosen. That is not only to have creativity, but also to develop the handling and sensitivity for the technique.

The second group enjoyed tape art with Ennicolor.

Ennicolor is a Berlin-based artist duo that creates urban art, paintings, and illustrations. With a passion for experimentation and a wide range of mediums, the duo has demonstrated their deep understanding of art and design in several projects. Over the years, the two have been painting murals and completing international jobs for well-known brands. In addition to their work, they offer workshops on topics such as tape art and graffiti.

After an introduction to tape art, the duo explained the different techniques that can be used in tape art. Tape art involves playing with neon colors, adhesive film, tape, acrylic and also creating graffiti styles with tape art. The artist duo went on to explain that tape art is a mixed technique that uses not only tape but also spray paint, and that the most interesting part is the organic motif. The students were very attentive during the workshop and got an idea of how much goes into tape art. They found the workshop very interesting and were able to create tape art with the materials available such as tape, cutting mat and knife, cardboard, ruler and scissors.

After such a workshop, you can also later create your own tape art with the everyday materials you have at your disposal. The workshops encourage young people to explore their skills, gain experience and develop new abilities.

Our standard workshops are offered for groups, adults, teenagers and children.

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