The URBAN NATION Museum presents a programme that goes beyond the current group exhibition ‘Loneliness and Other False Friends”. In this programme some of Berlin’s most renowned artists, namely: Caro Pepe, Devita, Honey Beebs, Lake and Mate created a series of murals, the C-Walls, that address the exhibition theme in and around Bülowstraße.

Caro Pepe is an Argentinian artist and muralist living in Berlin. After several years working in advertising as an art director, in both Buenos Aires and Madrid, she decided, it was time to work on her art full time. With that decision in mind, she picked up and moved to Berlin in 2012. Berlin was the kick start of her career, since then she has travelled the world painting on the streets and exhibiting in several cities through out Europe, South America, USA and Asia.

Her body of art is an exploration of the inner world and the complex nature of emotions. Through her distinctive “one eyed” women she underlines the concept of partiality: how and what an individual chooses to see defines his/her perception of reality.

Her artwork for this project is entitled “Elements of Distraction” and is located at Bülowstraße 4.

With this particular work, she wants to address the issue of loneliness, more specifically our attempts to occupy our minds to cope with the feeling of loneliness and how far we would go to find temporary relief through instant gratification.

She added, explaining that we eagerly turn to external stimulation (excessive work, anxious eating/drinking, overcrowded schedules, social media, etc.) to quiet the noise of our heart and mind. We do this without considering that in doing so we become so disconnected from ourselves that we risk becoming a shell of emptiness.

Our emotions have been reduced to emojis and we have relied completely on our coping mechanisms to numb us.

What we all seem to forget, however, is that we are not alone when it comes to feeling lonely.