Local Legends: Spandau – A Painting Dhaka Project

The new exhibition “Love Letters to the City”, curated by Michelle Houston, opens during Berlin Art Week on 13 September 2024. It is dedicated to the theme of public space and the possibilities of its artistic and critical appropriation. Accordingly, the exhibition will radiate into the city with various murals and participatory actions. One building that will be designed as part of this is the parking garage at Blasewitzer Ring 12 in Berlin Staaken.

The artist Lukas Zeilinger from the project “Painting Dhaka is not only designing a new ONE WALL on two sides of the parking lot, but we are also bringing him together with local young people in a summer camp via our Stadtraum!Plus program of the foundation Berliner Leben. Graffiti is more than just colorful trains or painted walls. Like any subculture that emerges in social hotspots, it offers a place of retreat for those who need it. A safe space, a kind of parallel society that functions away from the imposed norms. What may look like pure selfish self-fulfilment on the outside begins with the formation of self-confidence, a sense of belonging to something, a feeling of attachment – often in difficult family or social situations. The foundation Berliner Leben uses the enormous potential of art as a visible enhancement of a location and as a vehicle for cultural education and participation in the sense of social neighborhood development.

Photo: Enzo Leclercq