Lukas Zeilinger

Berlin / Germany

Lukas Zeilinger is a freelance artist from Berlin who launched the social art project PAINTING DHAKA. […]

Biography / Lukas Zeilinger

Lukas Zeilinger is a freelance artist from Berlin.

He completed his Bachelor of Art and Master of Arts at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. After realizing several graffiti projects with socially disadvantaged young people and refugees in Berlin, he launched the social art project PAINTING DHAKA and spent almost six months in the slums of Bangladesh teaching graffiti art at local schools. The resulting documentary film “Painting Dhaka” is currently being shown at several film festivals. The success of the project and the close cooperation with the NGOs German Doctors and Amnesty International gave the go-ahead for the painting series. Following Painting Kosova in April 2024, preparations are underway for Painting Nairobi and Local Legends: Spandau – A painting Dhaka Project.

Photo: Enzo Leclercq

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Local Legends: Spandau – A Painting Dhaka Project
Graffiti has always been more than just graffiti, colorful trains or painted walls. Like any subculture that emerges in social hotspots, it offers a place of retreat for those who need it. A safe space, a kind of parallel society that functions away from the imposed norms.