Martha Cooper Taking Pictures

until May 15, 2022

With “Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures”, the URBAN NATION Museum is presenting the first comprehensive retrospective of Martha Cooper’s photographic work to date. With the help of photographs and personal items, the comprehensive exhibition traces Martha Cooper’s life and recognizes her as an important documentarist of the global urban art movement.

The retrospective in the URBAN NATION Museum is the house’s first photo and documentary exhibition. “Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures” sets new accents in the museum program. The curators Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo (Brooklyn Street Art) have created a multimedia exhibition in close collaboration with Martha Cooper. The visitors get an exclusive insight into Martha Cooper’s collection of sketchbooks (so-called “black books”) and memorabilia as well as into her extensive photo archive.

On this overview page you will get a comprehensive overview of all the news about the current exhibition, further information about Martha Cooper, her life’s work and her photographic work, as well as additional articles from companions and well-known artists.

(Museums management: Jan Sauerwald)

Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures
With “Martha Cooper: Taking Pictures” the URBAN NATION Museum presents an extensive retrospective of Martha’s photography, spanning six decades. Displaying personal objects as well as photos, the exhibition traces Cooper’s life, from her first camera in 1946 to her current reputation as a renowned photographer.