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Hybrid Sculptors Berlin
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Hybrid Sculptors „with or without you (in Berlin)“
There is a new exhibit in the URBAN NATION museum: The artist collective Hybrid Sculptors created an interactive video work called “with or without you (in Berlin)”, which gives visitors the opportunity to become part of their performance art. (more…)
Fresh A.I.R.
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Fresh A.I.R. #2 – Class of 2019
Over the past six months a total of 16 artists from seven nations have lived and worked directly under the roof of the URBAN NATION museum as part of Fresh A.I.R., the Artist in Residence scholarship program of URBAN NATION
Artist in Residence Berlin
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FRESH A.I.R. – Artist in Residence 2019
Since the first of July, artists from the field of Urban and New Contemporary Art have again the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for the third year of “FRESH A.I.R.”. In the course of the opening of the current