Love Letters to the City

The new exhibition “Love Letters to the City”, curated by Michelle Houston, opens for Berlin Art Week on September 13, 2024. In nine chapters, around 60 works of art – some newly commissioned site responsive artworks – demonstrate how urban landscapes can be reimagined and how the boundaries between social and political, physical and conceptual spaces can be transcended. Through these works, the artists explore a sustainable, inclusive, and just future through the appropriation of public space. Issues such as urbanisation, gentrification, environmental problems, and social inequality inspire critical discussion and drive positive change.

Preliminary list of artists: 2501, Bordalo II, Carlos Mare aka Mare139, Chop ’em Down Films, Crash, Dan Witz, Daze, Evol, HA Schult, HOGRE, Isaac Zavale, Jaune, Jazoo Yang, Johannnes Mundinger, Jordan Seiler, Kenny Scharf, Martha Cooper, Moses & Taps, Ooss Ooss, Owen Dippie, OX, Rocco and His Brothers, Sebas Velasco, Susanna Jerger, Tats Cru, THE WA, Vhils, Zhang Dali

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