Keez Duyves

Berlin / Germany

Keez Duyves is PiPS:labs - master of the impossible, image wizard, media genius and natural-born inventor. He was born in 1971 in Alkmaar (Netherlands). Together with Thomas Bratzke aka ZASD he forms the artist duo "Hybrid Sculptors". […]

Biography / Keez Duyves

Keez Duyves is founder of the artist group PIPS:lab, master of the impossible, image wizard, media genius and natural-born inventor. He was born in 1971 in Alkmaar (Netherlands). Together with Thomas Bratzke aka ZASD he forms the artist duo “Hybrid Sculptors”.

When the parents of Keez Duyves denied him and his brothers access to the very first computer games, they decided to take up programming in order to create their own games. Keez has been playing with computers ever since.

After attaining his master’s degree cum laude in Interactive Multi Media at the Utrecht School of the Arts, Keez made a very conscious choice to be an artist. PIPS:lab is his laboratory and field of research. With his artist friends Keez transforms new media into unexpected media. Works of art that are meant for participation not just observation.

Keez develops an important series of work using the Lumasol technique: writing or drawing with light. He transforms Lumasol’s photographic set-up into a video version, allowing the light artists to see themselves in action. Instead of only seeing the result after the drawing is done and the shutter has closed, they now get live feedback from a video screen. This technique is the basis for the Luma2solator, an interactive installation sold to the ZKM in Karlsruhe among others. Over 500.000 lightpaintings have been created all over the world using the Luma2solator.

Scoretrack technology, luma2solator, AnywaysVR: Keez’ inventions are internationally known. He is frequently invited to lecture at art academies and artist colonies all over the world.

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