In the studio with: KURAR


Based in:
France, Paris and Clermont Ferrand

Then – Now – Next:
I followed studies in industrial design, while always doing graffiti the amateur way. But after I worked for a long time with the lettering I wanted to experiment with new techniques and so I start working with stencils.
Now years later I still work with stencils but they have become increasingly complex not only in the technical but especially the content and meaning. My work is social critical and uses satire to raise awareness of social issues. I try to create new things with stencils, to go beyond the ability of this technique and push further.
I love to paint in old places and abandoned houses, full of history.

„Next“ to me means to continue to paint in improbable and frozen in time places. I’d love to paint in ghost towns, like Chernobyl or Fukushima but the health risks are of course huge and yet that where awareness is needed… hard choice….

Why stencil:
The stencil is an effective, and rapid technique for illegal paintings, and offers great possibilities to make precise and complicate work in the studio.
It is a very old techinque, but very nice, and „she“ asks and challenges me only to evolve again and again.
I’m never at the end of a particular technique .. I always continue a lot of testing.

Dream project:
To continue to paint in incredible places ..
In places where nature is very raw and authentic, in places where life has simply stopped…..
To take part in more and more urban festivals and share experiences with other artists and of course to do more project with big walls around Europe.

I spend a lot of time finding relevant ideas and than I begin to draw. I work a lot on the contradiction of epochs and historic milestones of society. When drawing and concept are solid I work on stencil layers … Long slow process and somehow I always feel like there is never enough time….

Pop or Punk:

Legal vs illegal:
The trick is to make believe that illegal is legal for people who come across me while working ..for this, I use a different disguises like town clerk or city worker etc …
But it really doesn’t matter because when I find interesting places illegal or legal, I will paint …. Always.

Outside or inside?
Both, there are interesting things around inside and out and I do work on canvas and with prints as well.
You just have to find an interesting spot and see what you want to do and do it.


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