Tina Ziegler

Since 2008, Tina Ziegler has been a torchbearer for the urban and contemporary art movement, having spent the last 12 years as a professional curator and project director, advocating and supporting the art movement she loves.  Originally from California, Ziegler relocated to Barcelona after producing her first urban art exhibition in 2003 in a warehouse loft in Seattle, Washington. Her eight years in Barcelona were spent undertaking a Bachelor’s degree from the private design institute IED for Marketing and Business, publishing her first book Hunt and Gather Art and working as a creative director and curator for clients from SWAB art fair, Atticus Gallery, Volkswagen and Powerslide, among others.

Rudolf David Klöckner

Rudolf David Klöckner (*1982) works as curator, blogger and author at the interface of art and urbanism. Ten years ago he founded the blog www.urbanshit.de, which is one of the biggest German-speaking websites for urban art and urban cultural movements.


Christian Hundertmark, who used his given name to come up with his moniker C100, is an artist, author and creative director based in Munich, Germany. Starting with sketches and scribbles, C100 discovered street art around the early 2000s. Combining classic graffiti writing and abstract art, Hundertmark developed a distinctive style that is visually bold and exciting. His works can be found on his collaboration with URBAN NATION on Project M/11 in 2017.

Charlotte Dutoit

Charlotte Dutoit is a French art producer and curator working between the U.S., UK, Puerto Rico and wherever new creative challenges arise. Always traveling and developing exciting new projects with some of the world’s most engaging visual artists, she is


ABOUT JUSTKIDS JUSTKIDS is a dynamic interface that conceive, produce and promote comprehensive art projects on an international scale with some of the world’s most engaging visual artists, curators and strategic consultants. Since 2014, JUSTKIDS has supported a diverse team


StreetArtNews StreetArtNews is the definitive guide to the Street Art World. StreetArtNews was founded in 2009 when Founder & Editor-in-Chief Rom Levy announced his plans for starting a publication devoted to Urban Art that would cater to what he called

Steven P. Harrington

Steven P. Harrington is a New York City based fine artist. His animation and video installation work has been exhibited in many galleries and throughout the streets of New York. As a fine artist, he has always been drawn to the beauty and the aesthetics of things. Thus, his contacts span in the art scene, advertising, architecture, beauty, fashion, real estate, finance, and electronic and print media, including The New York Times. Steven has collaborated with URBAN NATION together with Jaime Rojo, as the curator of Project M/5 in 2015.

VNA Magazine

Very Nearly Almost is a UK-based independent magazine printed quarterly which features interviews with some of the world’s best urban artists, illustrators and photographers. Launched in 2006, VNA tracks everything from the wheatpastes, paint and stencils out there on the

Jonathan LeVine

Originally from Trenton, New Jersey, Jonathan LeVine is an art dealer and curator focusing on lowbrow and street art. LeVine runs the Tin Man Alley gallery in Jersey City as well as the Delusional Art Competition that gives artists from around the world a chance to gain maximum exposure and recognition. Jonathan LeVine collaborated with URBAN NATION as a curator on Project M/6 in 2014.

Andrew Hosner

Andrew Hosner is the co-owner and curator of the Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. Equally influencer and generator of inputs, he is regarded as one the most important authorities in all things street art. Andrew Hosner was the curator of URBAN NATION’s Project M/3 in 2014.