Epic ONE WALL MURAL Crossover by Francisco Bosoletti & Young Jarus

In urban art united!

The year 2018 at URBAN NATION is under the motto “United”. Artists from all over the world come to Berlin, either work on a common theme, use a space together and coordinate their different techniques for the same creative goal. The prelude was the crossover of the Argentinean street artist Francisco Bosoletti and the Canadian artist Young Jarus.

The two artists have known each other for quite some time. They met each other many years ago in Mexico City for the first time and in April 2018 the designed together the huge façade of the building at Wassertorstraße 65 in Berlin Kreuzberg. The special feature of this mural is not only the huge extent of the wall (45x15m), but also the painting technique used. Bosloletti and Jarus have opted for an inverting technique that offers the viewer several perspectives and makes this art work to a crossmedial eyecatcher.

Left side – the full mural. On the right side the first picture shows the original picture. The second pictures shows Daphne´s face after inverting the colors.

As a theme, the two artists have chosen the tragic love story of Daphne and Apollo, a story from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

Long story short – Apollo makes fun of Cupid. He thinks about revenge and shoots a golden arrow at Apollo. This then falls madly in love with the nymph Daphne. She was shot by Amor with a lead arrow. Since then she feels the desire of Apollo as extremely annoying. To escape his advances, she ask her father to turn herself into a laurel tree. But even Apollo loves this tree idolatrous. To keep his beloved Daphne allways by his side, he chooses the laurel wreath as one of his insignia.

Bosoletti and Jarus have spent a long time exchanging ideas about the composition and interaction of the two characters. The Argentine artist drew the Daphne in this joint work and Jarus the Apollo, for which he has used one of his closest friends as a motif.

Get more details about this crossover and the artist Young Jarus in our interview “In the Studio with…!

photos by Nika Kramer

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