British born artist Hayley Welsh, has established herself as one of the newest creatives in the Western Australian art scene. There is something quite fantastical and a little bit dark lurking in Hayley’s work. Her latest work of art was created for the URBAN NATION and kicks off “The Monster Project”. We took the chance to meet Hayley and ask her a few questions.

Originally from / now living in?

I’m originally from Blackburn, England. That is near Manchester. At the moment, when there is summer in the northern hemisphere, I’m living in England but for the most of the year I live in Australia. In Perth.

You in the past, present & future?

Past: everything. Present: what I’m feeling today. Future: I don’t even know. I guess I see the future just like darkness, like on a page in a book that haven’t been written yet. I’m excited to see what comes. I’m not a big planner. I’m trying to stay quite present in the moment. There is just now.

Favorite material & why?

I really like painting with the brush and whatever I’m painting with whether it’s oil or acrylic. The brush is like the extension of my arm and my hand. I have my favorite brushes that I take all over the world with me. I really enjoy it. It is like dancing with paint. My brushes are my favorite things.

Favorite own work?

I like this one that I’ve done today, but also I have just done a piece which didn’t have eyes. A lot of people get drawn to the eyes and that one that I’ve done recently, the character is holding up a mask that covers his eyes and there is like a scribble on it. You can see it online on my Instagram, but it is also at the moment shown in a gallery in Perth.

Favorite work from another artist?

Well, my husband Andy Faraday. At the moment he takes selfies of people and he gets them to kind of write down positives and negatives. A lot of self-reflection. And at the moment he is my favorite artist.

Biggest inspiration?

My grandad. He is not with us anymore but he always believed that I could have a career as an artist, even when my mom and dad and nobody else did. He always told me to do what I always wanted to do, what my 7-year-old me wanted to do and to keep listening to that. To that inner voice. My artworks are all about to listening to that voice and bringing that childhood voice to the present. So my inspiration is my grandad but also the 7-year-old me.

One wish for free – what would you wish for?

I would wish that it only took one hour to travel from Australia to England. Because I miss my family a lot when I’m in Australia and to think that i could get back in an hour would be the best thing for me.

Pop, Punk or Electro?

Uh, all three mixed together. (laughs) I guess … electro.

Legal vs illegal?

It depends what it is. I would say illegal because rules are meant to be broken.

Outside or inside?

Outside. Now I’m inside and that’s nice. It depends, I like working on my own, but then I like working in front of people and I like sunshine. So: Outside when it’s sunny and inside when it’s raining.

What is the reason for your participation at URBAN NATION?

They have a project at the moment that is called “The Monster Project”. So Yasha from URBAN NATION called me when I was in Australia and asked if I would take part in sending over an artwork. Because at that time I was in Australia and then I found out when the project was, I told her that I will be in the UK and so we switched plans and I decided to come around because it is closer. So it turned from being a participant to do a big artwork for the project.

What is the story behind your work for URBAN NATION?

I wanted a work that followed on with my own collection of work but also was inspired by “The Monster Project”. It is the voice that is very important in the entire work. My whole work is about to listen to the little voice. And I wanted to show the idea of togetherness – the big is helping the little but the little is also helping the big. Even though the big one is protecting the little one, it feels like the little one is inspiring the larger one with the words that are written around it. I had a few ideas when I came but it completely changed last minute, but I like it that way.

Check out the new artwork by Hayley for URBAN NATION: