New One Wall by Christian Böhmer – Speak up. Stand up.

There is a new One Wall with an urgent message at Berlin’s Bülowstrasse. In his latest work for URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART, the Cologne artist Christian Böhmer accepted the invitation of curator Yasha Young and addresses the precarious situation of prostitutes on site – unfortunately an omnipresent problem in Schöneberger Bülow-Kiez.

Christian Böhmer’s new One Wall is named “Speak Up. Stand Up”. With this forceful mural and equally clear message, the artist wants to draw attention to the ongoing violence against prostitutes on Bülowstrasse. Every day, young women stand on the street and experience situations that they themselves cannot or do not want to talk about. Each one of them has an individual story that deserves to be heard.

Böhmer’s trademark is the depiction of people with heads covered by paper bags. With this stylistic device he takes up contemporary and social themes in a critical way and dares to do the balancing act between self-portrayal and anonymity in an increasingly superficial world. His new mural shows a female protagonist with a paper bag on her head. In the centre and underlined by the burning red of the glove is the hand signal: “Shhhhhhhhh”. A symbol for silence, which unfortunately is far too often the reason for everyday looking the other way without questioning the situation of the women on the street. Silent acceptance makes the precarious situation possible. From his point of view we are not innocent, but active participants of a collective social neglect.

The new ONE WALL by Christian Böhmer can be seen at Bülowstraße 32, Berlin-Schöneberg.

Photos: Nika Kramer

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ONE WALL “Speak up. Stand up.” by Christian Böhmer