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Art history meets street art – the facade at Bülowstrasse 101 received a new mural. As part of the URBAN NATION Biennale 2019, Julien de Casabianca was invited to give this building a new appearance.

Julien de Casabianca is a French-Corsican artist, filmmaker and initiator of the project series “Outings”. With this project, he brings art history into urban spaces worldwide since 2014. De Casabianca shows sequences of historical paintings as paste-ups, which is a poster plastered with paste, greatly enlarged on walls of houses, allowing everyone to participate in the beauty and power of art.

For the 2019 URBAN NATION Biennale, curated by Yasha Young, he transformed the building directly opposite the museum into an oversized canvas on which he picked up two motifs from different times in order to show a theme that illustrates the context of the Biennale: a dystopia that emerges from the irresponsible actions of mankind.


Julien de Casabianca tells this story with “Angel of Mercy”, a painting by Stevan Aleksić from 1916. It seems that this angel covers his face with his hand in shame. In internet slang, this motif is referred to as a “facepalm”, a gesture shown with emojis or memes which stands for the embarrassment of a rash act.

On the other side of the building de Casabianca shows a section of the triptych – “The Last Judgement” by Hans Memling from the 15th century. This original is a three-part painting depicting the World Judge on Judgment Day, the Resurrection of the Dead on Judgment Day, the Weighing of Souls by the Archangel Michael and the Entry of the Saved into Paradise and the Way of the Damned into Hell. Julien de Casabianca picks up a scene from the part that shows the damned on their way to hell.

This impressive depiction of art history as street art can be seen at Bülowstrasse 101, Berlin-Schöneberg.

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Photos: Nika Kramer