News from Artpark Tegel: The Berlin painter, illustrator, musician and concept artist Jim Avignon has created a new ONE WALL that expresses the zeitgeist and asks the question of the future between uncertainty and a mood of departure. The new facade design can be seen at Neheimer Strasse 8.

The production of this ONE WALL was similarly stirring as the stormy sea that Avignon depicts in his latest work. While ten days were originally planned for the implementation of this facade design, Jim Avignon would have managed it in only four days if there hadn’t been a thunderstorm in between. He worked incredibly fast and routinely and was supported by his assistant. This dynamic is also reflected in this and other works of the artist.

Avignon has created a surreal-looking mural in which an illustrious group of travellers can be found who seem to be on their way to a new adventure. By having a closer look at the single protagonists, the symbolism that is behind each of them can be recognized. Thus the house stands for home, the dollar coin for capitalism, the chimney for industry, the smartphone for communication and a grim-looking crossword puzzle man, who is present as a projection of our wishes that can be described. The means of the transport of choice for this jumbled community of fate is the hot-air balloon, whose balloon ball is the earth – a symbol of the fact that only in harmony with it can we set off on our journey into a future.

Avignon tells different stories with his latest and so far largest mural, all of them are related to the subject of the city. One of these topics is the question of which factors influence the city and its inhabitants and how the future of the city is shaped within the framework of these influences. The artist owes us a clear answer, but it is precisely the various possibilities of interpretation that make this work so attractive.

In Avignon’s characteristic style, this ONE WALL mixes fantastic worlds with social criticism. The artist paints his pieces fast and in a short time, so that he can take up and process current everyday themes and often holds up the mirror to us in his works.

“We are glad that we could win with Jim Avignon an exceptional artist for the design of a ONE WALL, who has been shaping the art scene of Berlin for years and who comments the developments in the city in a humorous and pointed way. With the mural at Artpark Tegel, Jim Avignon has once again succeeded in allowing us to immerse ourselves in surreal worlds and at the same time – on a more abstract level – to address questions about the future of the city. For me, the motif “balloon” is a very melancholic, but also profound motif, to which many recent themes can be linked. In my opinion, it is basically about the question of the future of the city and its inhabitants and characters.” – Jan Sauerwald, director of the URBAN NATION museum and curator of the ONE WALL programme.

Jim Avignon’s ONE WALL is located at Artpark Tegel, Neheimer Strasse 8, Berlin-Tegel.

Photos: Nika Kramer

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