• by Anne Schmedding

On the occasion of the newly opened exhibition “TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS” in June 2022, BROKEN FINGAZ from Haifa are redesigning the façade of the URBAN NATION Museum. The work ist titled „DOG SNIFF DOG“. The choice of colours and the design of the content relate thematically to the exhibition. After consultation with the curator, the title was also integrated into the design of the façade and now stands above the museum portal. The artists’ work was accompanied by the kind support of the Israeli Embassy in Berlin.

photos: Nika Kramer

The mural deals with the essence of contemporary communication and is inspired by the Latin proverb “Man is wolf to man.” The recurring motif thus addresses the togetherness and interaction of people with each other in the age of digital communication.

It is no coincidence that the title brings another connected component with the reference to the sense of smell. The colours tie in with the exhibition chapters Deep Fake and I am an X, but…: These sections question, among other things, the manipulation of information and shame as barriers to communication.

Broken Fingaz Print / photo by Nika Kramer

The expressiveness of the composition is, among other things, result of the design performance: The artists jumped as high as they could to form their dogs, leaving behind real reliefs of paint in places. So here you are not standing in front of a flat surface, but a moving and lively surface.

Broken Fingaz painting the Museum’s Facade / photo by Nika Kramer


The Broken Fingaz Crew is a collective consisting of four multidisciplinary artists: Deso, Kip, Tant und Unga. They are important representatives of contemporary Israeli art. With their visually striking iconography in garish colours, they provoke and comment on socially relevant issues of today: their works within the exhibition bear witness to this in the chapter Hybrid Histories .

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They work with various means to express themselves artistically and have also participated in numerous murals in public spaces worldwide. With their bright colours and iconographic pop art motifs, they manage to attract attention even inside the museum.

Broken Fingaz Crew / photo by Nika Kramer

kindly supported by the Israeli Embassy Berlin