• by Anne Schmedding

In Frobenstraße, artist Jonathan James designed a new community wall. This new paste-up now fits in between the existing works by Miss Glueniverse and Peter Missing. It fits in and yet clearly stands out from the figurative representations of the neighbouring walls through technique and design. The picture was created using the monoprinting technique. In the newly created painting, the artist used water-based ink and mulberry paper. The colours and shapes of the wall invite you to step closer and observe the detailed gradients and textures.

“Monoprinting involves spreading inks on glass, spraying this with water, to create a wash effect, and then laying the paper directly over this. It is almost impossible to plan out an image so in the end sections of the finished image are sometimes not so nice while others can be very beautiful. I believe it can encourage viewers to explore a little more deeply and find pockets of joy.” – Jonathan James

About Jonathan James

Jonathan is a Berlin based artists originally from Sydney, Australia. His abstract work mirrors the feelings; through colour, weight or lightness, and form; that his surroundings bring up. Working on street, he creates images and actions diametrically opposed to the language of advertising, but also in contrast to traditional street art. 

photos: Sebastian Kläbsch