• by Anne Schmedding

Participation of Berlin citizens in public space

DU BIST AM ZUG is an art-scientific project in which creative contributions by Berlin citizens are presented in public space. In July and August 2022, in cooperation with Wall GmbH and the URBAN NATION Museum, 1500 City-Light posters will be raffled off in Berlin, which can be freely designed by people in the city.


Berlin becomes the first city to give individuals the chance to share content of their choice with fellow citizens. One of the 1500 contributions came from MISS GLUENIVERSE, who just recently created a COMMUNITY WALL for URBAN NATION.

The idea for the project came to the initiators after a visit to the exhibition “MARTHA COOPER: TAKING PICTURES“. The occupation of public space – originally planned for DU BIST AM ZUG with the use of underground cars – inspired the legal scholar Katya Assaf-Zakharov and photographer Tim Schnetgöke to create this pilot project.

Katya Assaf-Zakharov

Dr. Katya Assaf-Zakharov is a legal scholar (Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the
University of Munich) and holds a chair at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
University in Jerusalem. She specialises in German law and lives and works in
Berlin and Jerusalem. In the academic year 2020/21, Katya Assaf-Zakharov was a Fellow at the
Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin.

Tim Schnetgöke

Tim Schnetgöke is a graduate photographer (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences). He lives in Berlin and has been working for years with non-commissioned art in public space. He regularly documents visual interventions in urban space.

We are pleased about the high level of participation and grateful for the cooperation.