Call for Application

Open call for applications: 31.01. bis 25.02.2019

Hello dear applicant,

We look forward to your application and the opportunity to get to know you and your work a little closer.

First step: Please download the documents from the download area on the right side. Please fill out all documents, add your work samples, proof of residence and certificates. Finally upload each document individually as PDF. You have to upload minimum 8 documents:

  1. the official application form 
  2. artistic curriculum vitae (CV form): complete contact details, information on education and overview of the current artistic career
  3. letter of motivation: Description of the motivation to participate in the Artist in Residence scholarship
  4. work Samples: A maximum of 8 work samples in the form of pictures, video stills and photos
  5. detailed explanation of the project (project proposal)
  6. project cost plan (budget plan)
  7. proof of main place of residence: copy of registration form / official photo ID  and, if necessary, a residence permit
  8. school or university certificate

In some cases the following document have to be sent:

A) Copy of the official invitation

We look forward to your documents and wish you much success!

Attention: You have to upload minimum 8 documents (see above), otherwise it will be not be possible to send the application. In case the upload is still not possible, please send your application with all required documents directly to this email:

    NOTE: Please note that your attachments together are not larger than 20 MB. You will then receive a confirmation email and you can send us further files (e.g. larger samples) to the specified email address using a file-sharing provider (Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.).

    Important documents for general information:

    1. Announcement
    2. Funding guidelines
    3. FAQ´s
    4. Data protection notice

    For any question please contact: