Made Corrections


Made Corrections is an art rehabilitation project aimed at helping the lives of the young inmates of the Kaunas Correctional and Interrogation Facility in Lithuania’s second city.

The curators have engaged with 39 of the young inmates, age 14-19, by taking their portraits, allowing them to choose their own image, and with the help of JR’s “Inside Out” project produced 2 sets of large format pictures for us to paste in the facility and in the city center.

The JR posters along with the work of renowned Lithuanian street artist Zach (Ernest Zacharevic) who recently was part of Project M/3 for Urban Nation Berlin and local artists will raise awareness and ask questions about the plight of the young offenders.


The artists and ourselves will engage with the inmates in the project to give them an insight into a whole world of expressing themselves through art. I am super proud to be invited inside the prison to speak with inmates and encourage exchange with city officials and some of the politicians and representatives from other countries. Art encourages change and we at Urban Nation proudly support projects that try to implement that change!

You can support and follow the project here:

Beteiligte Künstler

Ernest Zacharevic

Artist Profile