Urban Nation at WALL\THERAPY in Rochester

It’s a wrap! At least for me! Amazing couple of days working with Urban Nation at WallTherapy in Rochester, NY as they are rocking the 5th edition of this project, bringing the total of murals painted in this amazing city up to 80+. Including work by some of our friends: DALeast, Faith47, Icy+Sot, ROA, Case, St.Monci, Change, Conor Harrington, Mr. Prvrt and many more!!

Artist List 2014:
Shawnee Hill – US
Jarus – CA
Addison Karl – DE
Alice Mizrachi – US
Alice Pasquini – IT
John Perry – US
Sam Rodriguez – US
Ernest Shaw, Jr. – US
David Walker – UK
Caitlin Yarsky – US

Thank you to the team at THE YARD:
Lea Rizzo, Sarah Rutherford and all the others!!

Special thanks and gratitude to:

Erich Lehman and Ian Wilson for the time, invitation and the inspiration – the future is wide open!
(thanks for the world’s best futon and my private little hide out www.1975ish.com<

To Amy Faulkner for the laughs and the power!
To Tomas Flint for the impromptu photo shoot!
Aaron Kroh for the impressive organization and endurance!

All the volunteers for their passion to support the community here in Rochester and the great insight on the city and it’s hidden treasures and not to forget the breakfast(s)!!

For the amazing local food support:
The Red Fern – Vegan healthy cafe
James Revels / Head chef The Cure
Aja Noodle

The experience has been stellar from beginning to end and we are excited to be partnering up in 2015!!!