July was all about collaboration at URBAN NATION. Two ONE WALLS were designed parallel by two different artist teams in Artpark Tegel – one of the largest outdoor galleries in Berlin. In addition to the ONE WALL of Nuno Viegas, Hera and Akut., the two artists of Queenkong worked together with the Polish artist Tankpetrol for almost two weeks over the roofs of Berlin on their mural.

The artwork, measuring 42×16 meters, is now part of Artpark Tegel, next to Fintan Magee, Pixel Pancho, Hownosm, The London Police, Borondo, Collin van der Sluijs and Super A.

With their joint work “2268miles & Luchadora Pachamama”, the artists want to set a visible sign of greater awareness in our dealings with Mother Nature. Humans, animals and plants are under one roof. A careful living together with animals and plants is therefore seen as the key to a good future. The work of the artists pleads for a deeper symbiosis of man with nature.

photos by Nika Kramer