In the Scope House at Webergasse 34, close proximity to Art Basel (one of the most significant fairs for Modern and contemporary art) SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show presents young, aspiring international newcomers to the international art scene in a curated program of the highest standard from June 12 to 17. On its 18th anniversary SCOPE collaborates with the Berlin URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART.

For both institutions this collaboration serves as a profound source of inspiration, reinforcing their long-standing focus on Urban Art and young contemporary art.

URBAN NATION and SCOPE capture the most recent developments in the field of art with curated events including art shows, panels and discussions. This year’s focus of Urban Art allows the fair and the museum to address socio-political issues surrounding the deluge of images and media, the shift in global alliances, art in public space, communal commitment and the role of women.

We are looking forward to the panels and talks on the 14th and 15th of June with the following founders and artists:

Kai Lutterodt (left side – picture) is a journalist and avid travel blogger, curator and founder of Diversity Matters; an awareness-raising platform with a focus on race equality and Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) representation in the Arts and Media.

Mashonda Tifrere (middle – picture)is a portrait of courage and a change agent. Singer, songwriter, artist and mother, Mashonda has fulfilled her calling to combat gender bias by empowering female artists and curators from around the world. She is the founder of ArtLeadHER, a Foundation providing underserved and underrepresented girls in the New York area with ongoing access to the visual arts and its professional community.

Ann Lewis (right side – picture) is an american artist, best known for her politically charged and often uncommissioned takeovers of public space. As a multidisciplinary activist artist using painting, installation, and participatory performance she explores themes related to American identity, power structures, and justice.

Shaney Jo Darden (left side – picture): After a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, designer and artist Shaney jo Darden founded the global non-profit organization The Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB) to raise awareness of breast cancer and to encourage prevention and early detection among young people.

Mia Florentine Weiss (middle – picture) is a German performance and conceptual artist who works in the field of tension between object art and multimedia. The content-related examination of individual shelters and their antithesis as well as the question “What is your place of protection?” Has been consistently going through her work since 1999.

Carrie Reichardt: (right side – picture)  is a self-titled ‘craftivist’. Her work blurs the boundaries between craft and activism, using the techniques of muralism, mosaic and collage to create intricate, highly-politicised works of art.

With this collaboration URBAN NATION takes another step into the future while letting a large international art audience participate in its concept and vision. Executive creative director Yasha Young has curated a high-quality exhibition at SCOPE Basel’s well-appointed venue the SCOPE Haus, three blocks from Art Basel, with works by Herakut, Dot Dot Dot, Cranio, Ben Frost, Haroshi, Emanuel Roth, BustArt, Chromeo and Mia Florentine Weiss from the unique URBAN NATION museum collection:

It is important to conduct the discourse on Urban Art and its work with the international and art historical context in the public eye, providing all participants with the space to express themselves and afford insights into their workings, respectively. Innovative and progressive partnerships of not-for-profit organisations, art projects as well as for-profit enterprises create a common ground for growth, education and added value – particularly for the genre of Urban Contemporary Art”, explains Yasha Young the value of partnering with SCOPE.