April 10th – Juli 31st 2022
Tue – Wed: 10am – 6pm
Do – So: 12pm – 8pm

free admission!

URBAN NATION Project Space
Bülowstr. 97, 10783 Berlin

For The Versus Project 2, the artist duo LAYER CAKE (Patrick Hartl and Christian Hundertmark/ C100) once again initiated an international exchange with 13 artists. The resulting artworks are not only powerful expressions of artistic communication at eye level, but they also break an iron law of the graffiti scene: Never paint over the work of another artist!

Over a period of two years, the 13 canvases traveled back and forth between the artists, crossing borders twice. The probably most important graffiti rule, the going-over, the aggressive crossing of the works of other graffiti writers, was not only suspended, but was even expressly desired. Thus, works were created in repeated reaction to the opposite, but not against each other – Versus – but with each other.

The resulting large-format canvas works will now be shown by URBAN NATION for the first time in its own project space at Bülowstraße 97 from April 10th, 2022.


LAYER CAKE: Christian Hundertmark (C100) (München / D) & Patrick Hartl (München / D), Bisco Smith (New York / USA), Bust (Basel / CH), Chaz Bojorquez (Los Angeles / USA), Dave the Chimp (Berlin / D), EGS (Helsinki / FIN), Flavien Demarigny (Mambo) (Apt / F), Formula 76 (Hamburg / D), Mick La Rock / Aileen Middel (Amsterdam / NL), Mina Mania (Berlin / D), Imaone (Tokio / JP), Jake (Amsterdam / NL), Usugrow (Tokio / JP), Vincent Abadie Hafez (Zepha) (Toulouse / F).

photos: Sebastian Kläbsch


Their friendship goes back to the early 90s when they met at the S-Bahn depot to paint trains. After more or less going their separate ways for a few years, the two met again in 2015 at one of Hartl’s solo shows and decided to team up and join forces. The prospect of combining their respective styles motivated both of them to hit the ground running. And it worked better than expected. After a few long night shifts, a new concept emerged in parallel, for which they already had a name: LAYER CAKE.

Christian Hundertmark’s works can be described as a composition of hard-edged floating layers with elements that play with the dynamics of the masked and balance between calm and tension. They repeatedly show traces of his graffiti and graphic design background. Patrick Hartl’s graceful works are the result of a multitude of layers of color and a colorful variety. A master of handcrafted design and analog work, as well as one of the leading urban calligraphers, Patrick Hartl’s artistic output spans more than two decades. With each of their well-composed paintings, both enter into dialogue with artist friends worldwide: their works are sent “unfinished” to guest artists. These further develop them artistically. Subsequently, they are worked on alternately until Christian Hundertmark and Patrick Hartl as well as the guest artists are satisfied with the respective picture. As a result, the newly created works expand one’s own view of art. The Versus Project 2 creates new horizons.

Community Wall by Layer Cake with Dave The Chimp (photo: Sebastian Kläbsch)