Album and CD covers now virtual avatar icons but also stage designs, visual animations such as music videos, backdrops even movie posters etc. have been hugely influential for artists and milestones in art history and music history. With their disappearance and the rise of fast food consumption via one click likes and downloads we are loosing a core bond of creativity: the collaboration between the visual and the audio and the intricate thought process that went into concept and execution. This exchange and collaboration aims to bring back the strong ties between art and music of young contemporary culture in a supported environment.

Urban Nation has put a strong focus within all projects we have created to reawaken the awareness of this creative and innovative bond between all genres of new movements within the Urban Contemporary art world. Urban Art uses city walls as canvases. Everyone can see and discover art without any of the often intimidating aspects of visiting a museum or a gallery.

Curated by UN, 10 street artists get paired up each with 10 audio artists who provides the visual artist with a song, a title, a poem, a quote or a book that greatly influenced their work. The visual artist will be assigned a wall, a building or a surface within close proximity to the Iceland Airwaves venues where the bands will be playing during Iceland Airwaves November 4 – 8 2015. From September 23rd to October 4th the artists will work on bringing the walls and the concept to life using the beautiful city walls and buildings of Reykjavic as their canvases.

The artists:
Ernest Zacharevic – Dikta
TankpetrolGUS GUS
D*FACE – Laxdæla saga
Deih XLF – Vök
Telmo MielMercury Rev
LiHillJohn Grant
ELLE – ÚlfurÚlfur
Evoca1Saun & Starr
The Ugly BrothersGísli Pálmi
Stay tuned!

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