FRESH A.I.R. – Artist in Residence 2019

Since the first of July, artists from the field of Urban and New Contemporary Art have again the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for the third year of “FRESH A.I.R.”. In the course of the opening of the current exhibition “Un-derstand the power of art as a social architect”, in September 2018, the first class of residents. moved into the residences, spread over three floors. The 15 artists from eight different nations lived and worked directly above the museum for several months, making the vision of “All nations under one roof” a reality.

In March it was time to say goodbye and the residences were handed over to the next class. 10 artists from six different nations convinced the jury of their ideas and have been working under one roof since then.

Here are the 10 artists of the second year:

photos by Nika Kramer